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Sundae Party

Event photography
Philadelphia 2010 July 29th....The Randy Flash Memorial Benefit / Life Celebration at Octo. (Kevin C. Brown)

2 thoughts on “Sundae Party

  1. Mercedes says:

    Omg .. Hot .. I rememmber this day.. The tribute to Our Fellow Dj Randy Flash.. @Octo .. Oh how I miss him dearly .. Not sure if you know this butbhe spinned for me at my 40th bithday party .. .. You are truely talented behind you lens .. Yes…

    • Kevin Brown says:

      Thanks Mercedes. I miss Randy very much. The tribute was so wonderful and full of love for him. I had to be there to document the outpouring of love from his friends and colleagues. This was one of my favorite photos from that evening. I love it for many reasons. The color, and overcoming the technical aspects of getting it in low light and no flash. More importantly though I love it for moment captured of you and Felicia. I knew it was special before I even saw it on the big screen.

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